Anybody Out There?

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A Subtle Surprise

“Ugh. ¬†This hill goes on foreverrrrrrrr” Rin moaned as she narrowly avoided tripping on a rock.

“We’re almost there silly girl” Sam replied with an indulgent smile, as he clutched her little hand tightly. ¬†He looked back and smiled at her. ¬†Her eyebrows were furrowed as she pouted, but she looked as radiantly beautiful as ever. ¬†The writer in him noticed how lovely her hair looked, shimmering in the late-afternoon sunlight.

A moment later, they had reached their destination – a hill called Little Round Top, at Gettysburg. ¬†“See, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Sam asked with a grin.

“It was horrible” whined Rin, wrapping her arms around him and leaning in against his chest. ¬†“I’m cold.”

“Aww baby, we’ll only be here a minute. ¬†First I just have to explain what happened here.”

“Ugh. Fine” Rin growled. ¬†The next five minutes of the conversation became a blur to her. ¬†She couldn’t see the ghostly soldiers that had caught her boyfriend’s imagination, but she could admit that this forested hill was pretty.

“…and then Chamberlain took the surrender of the Rebel colonel, and the Alabama men fell back ¬†And – you’re not listening to a word I’m saying, are you?”

“Yes! ¬†I’m listening!” Rin replied with a suspiciously cute little smile. ¬†Sam eyed her dubiously with a raised eyebrow.

“Know what’s sad Princess?”


Sam grasped her arms, drawing her closer to her again. ¬†“On that day, I bet there were hundreds of young men on this hill who wanted nothing more than to just go home and kiss their girlfriends. ¬†But they couldn’t. ¬†And some never did again.”

“Yes, that is sad” Rin answered.

“But this isn’t 1863, is it darling?” Sam asked, with a suddenly dirty grin crossing his face.

Rin could barely get out a “no…” before Sam brought her face up to meet his, and met her lips with a deep and passionate kiss. ¬†He kissed her for a moment, caressing the side of her face, and then reaching his hand around to squeeze her ass. ¬†Even as the kiss continued, Rin squealed into the kiss, and brought her hand around to beat his away – ever conscious of the possibility that somebody else was nearby.

“That was almost as much fun as the battlefield itself” Sam said with a grin as they parted. ¬†Rin smacked his upper arm.

“Okay. ¬†You can sleep here with your dead people tonight, and I’ll go back to the apartment” she chirped.

“You’d miss me”

“Nuh uh!” said Rin, holding onto Sam’s hand but walking as far as he would let her, standing up on a large rock overlooking the steep hill.

“Careful Princess…” Sam said, firmness and worry evident in his tone.

Rin looked back at him, a strand of hair in her face, mischief glowing in her eyes, as she bit her lip. ¬†“Make me” she just seemed to say, as she walked towards the edge of the rock. ¬†Her grip on Sam’s hand was the only thing keeping her from a fall that could easily break a leg or a neck.

“Get back here!” Sam growled, unable to stand it anymore. ¬†He pulled her off the rock and into his arms, and firmly smacked her butt over her jeans. ¬†“Stop that!” Rin whispered sharply.

“No one’s gonna see” Sam grinned, smacking her a few more times. ¬†“Except maybe the ghosts.”

“Hmph. ¬†They should shoot you.”

“You’d still miss me.”

“Hmph” Rin pouted again, as Sam met her in another deep kiss.

A few moments later, they had walked back down the hill. ¬†Sam held Rin’s hand tightly as the air around them became colder, making both of them glad they had worn jackets. ¬†Gettysburg can get distinctly creepy when it starts getting dark – even if that has less to do with the ghosts, and more to do with the ghost hunting tourists. ¬†As always, Sam was silently alert to any dangers he might need to protect his Princess from.

Finally, they got in their car, one of only a few left in the almost-dark parking lot.  Sam kissed Rin and squeezed at her bottom again, making her protest Рthough her eyes also flashed with a hint of arousal.  He opened the door for her and made sure she put the seatbelt on.  As he walked around the car, he put his finger over the unlock button on his keyring Рknowing exactly what would happen next.  Rin leaned over to lock his door, and then innocently busied herself by checking her text messages.

“That’s my girl” Sam sighed with a smile as he got in the car and turned it on.

“Do you know where you’re going?” Rin chirped, her eyes glowing playfully as she looked over at Sam. ¬†He reversed out of the parking space.

“Of course I know where we’re going. ¬†Earlier today – that was just a freak incident.”

“Uh huh” Rin said, with a knowing nod.

“I mean, this is a really confusing town to drive around in anyways.”

“Sure. ¬†Let’s look the hotel up on the GPS.”

“I know where the hotel is, drama queen!” Sam growled, gently smacking her inner thigh.

“Ow! ¬†You hurt me!” Rin cried out, in her tiniest voice. ¬†The tiny little voice that they both knew always made Sam melt.

“I did not silly” he said, looking over at her.

“Did too” Rin squeaked.

“Well I’m sorry Princess” Sam said, softly caressing her leg.

“Hmph. ¬†You don’t love me” Rin said, still in her little voice as she crossed her arms and sulkily looked out the window.

“Oh yes I do. ¬†I love you more than anyone else in the world.” Sam said, confident in the truth of his statement as he drove down the road.

“No you don’t!” Rin said, offering her usual, almost musical denial.

“I don’t, huh?”


“Then why am I taking you out to eat?”

“Huh? ¬†Where??” Rin asked, curiosity and concern written on her face.

“Oh, somewhere you’ll like.”

“Whereeeeeeeeeeee?” Rin whined, pulling on his arm.

“Oh, I’d say about….here” Sam said, as he abruptly put on his turn signal and pulled into a Mexican restaurant.

“Is their food good here?” Rin asked, craning her head around to get a better view of the building.

“Oh yes, very good.” Sam said as he parked. “George Meade and his staff stopped here for dinner on the first day of the battle, and Jeb Stuart and his cavalry stopped here for nachos on the second day. ¬†That’s why they were late for the fighting.”

“You’re lying!” Rin declared, her BS alarm going off.

“Would I lie to you?” Sam asked innocently, looking over at her as he parked the car.

“Yes!” Rin declared.

“Well I love you – and that’s not a lie at all.” Sam said with a warm smile. ¬†“I love you too” Rin managed to say before he leaned over to kiss her. ¬†It would have been a longer kiss if she had allowed it, but she pulled away, flashing a brief, flirtatious smile as she got out of the door.

More than an hour later, they walked out of the restaurant, both of them with full bellies and happy smiles.

“Welp, all kinds of miracles seem to happen in Gettysburg” Sam said with a contented smile.

“What do you mean?” Rin asked as they got in the car.

“In 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia suffered its first real defeat here. ¬†And now in 2014, I’ve managed to make you eat a real meal like a person with an adult appetite for the first time in our relationship.”

“Oh hush” Rin said, huffing and smacking Sam’s arm as they began the drive back to the hotel.

Several minutes later, they were situated in the hotel room.  Sam sat on the bed and took off his shoes while Rin slipped out of her jeans and reached for her shorts.

“No, you don’t need those.” Sam said, grabbing the shorts out of her hands.

“Why nottttt?” Rin pouted, stamping one of her feet.

“Because you’re coming over my lap” Sam answered, quickly but gently snatching her wrists in his hands.

“Don’t manhandle me!” Rin demanded, stamping her foot again.

“Then lay over my lap silly girl.”


“Do as I said” Sam commanded. ¬†Rin grimaced, whining as if the end of the world had come as she gracelessly lowered herself over his waiting lap. ¬†The narrow fabric of her thong didn’t provide any protection from the rain of stinging swats that she knew was about to come.

“Good girl” Sam said happily, softly cupping his hand around her beautiful butt cheek and gently caressing it. ¬†“You’re learning”

“Hmph” Rin pouted into the comforter of the bed, holding still as she allowed her boyfriend to explore her sexy bottom.

“I still haven’t decided what I’m going to use…” Sam said, running his thumb along her smooth flesh.

“Your hand!” Rin chirped sweetly, inwardly hoping that he would take her advice.

“Okay, if that’s all you want” Sam said, sounding almost dejected as two of his fingers intruded underneath her panties, slowly entering her lips. ¬†Sam ran them back and forth in her pussy, smiling to himself when he felt how wet she already was.

“I didn’t know that’s what you were going to do” Rin laughed, shifting forward just a little to allow Sam’s fingers to go deeper.

“You should trust your boyfriend, then.” Sam huffed, gently thrusting his fingers deep into her. ¬†Rin gasped slightly and shifted again, making her womanhood as available to his probing fingers as she could.

“You’re mine” Sam murmured as his fingers continued their sweet work.

“Mmmmm…no. ¬†I’m mine” Rin answered, unconsciously moving her leg in reaction to the pleasure.

“No…you’re mine” Sam growled slightly, stroking her, making her and soak and wet and raising his hand to smack her ass firmly.

“Hey!” Rin whined. ¬†“Okay, okay, I’m ours”

“No – mine.” Sam said, pulling his hand slowly out from between her legs, and savoring her sweet taste. ¬†“I’m going to show you you’re mine.”

“Wait – how?” Rin asked, craning her head back in a futile effort to see what was going on. ¬†Sam answered her with a smack across her bottom with her green brush.

“No no no I’m yours!” Rin chirped adorably.

“I know – and I’m going to have fun with this” Sam said, his voice heavy with lust as he clutched her side with one hand and wielded the brush with the other. ¬†Again and again he smacked her bottom, watching in delight as its round curves bounced from the impact.

“Mmmmm…someone might here” Rin murmured, trying to put her hand back to cover her bottom. ¬†Sam didn’t miss a smack as he grabbed her wrist with his other hand and pinned it down against her lower back.

“I hope they enjoy it as much as I am” Sam said with a grin, surveying her bottom with satisfaction as he gradually turned it a darker shade of pink.

Then, he put the brush down. ¬†“All done Princess”. ¬†Rin answered with a “hmph.”

“Are you mine?” Sam asked.


“Yes sir or no sir”

“Yes sir” Rin answered, shifting uncomfortably as her bottom glowed in the light from the nearby lamp.

“Good girl” said Sam, finally releasing her hand, and then letting his own rest on her bottom so he could continue stroking it. ¬†“Now sit up in my lap”. ¬†Rin obeyed with a little bit of grumbling, and Sam wrapped his arms around her little body.

“I’m going to lay you back now, Princess. ¬†So don’t accuse me of manhandling you.”

“Okay boyfriend” Rin answered, as Sam slowly laid her on her back in the center of the bed, her head comfortably resting on a pillow. ¬†Sam let go of her and sat at the foot of the bed, looking up at her. ¬†Rin smiled embarrassedly and closed her legs, blocking her face from Sam’s view. ¬†Sam only smiled and spread her legs with his hands – encountering little resistance.

“Well baby, I told you I’d just use your hand, but I don’t think you’ll mind if I use my tongue for a little bit, will you?”

“No” Rin answered in her sweet Little voice.

“Good girl” Sam replied, smiling happily as he swiftly pulled her underwear down her smooth, sexy legs. ¬†He put his hands under her bottom, one hand under each cheek, elevating her just slightly as he began to kiss her pussy. ¬†He had shaved recently, so his hair caused her no agitation. ¬†His tongue softly penetrated her lips, tasting in the full the wetness that his fingers had created just a moment before.

For several minutes Sam just contented himself with running his tongue back and forth, teasing her, savoring her wetness even as he actively created more of it.  The tip of his tongue sought out and found her clit, running all around it, teasing it, putting just a little pressure on it.  He held her legs down gently, as a quiet reminder that she belonged to him.  As his tongue rubbed her harder, he looked up to see her hands clutching at the bedsheets.  His tongue began working harder still, his eyes gleaming with lust.

For more than an hour Sam’s tongue explored her, trying and tasting every detail of her pussy, from its lips to its innermost depths. ¬†Rin did nothing, only gasping occasionally and continuing to grab at the sheets. ¬†Sam’s fingertips dug into her ass cheeks, heightening her arousal as well as his own.

Finally, his tongue aching and sore, Sam accepted defeat again – one day I’ll get her! he thought to himself. ¬†He slowly pulled back, and sat up on the bed with her, poised to kiss her.

“Uh uh! ¬†Brush your teeth or something!” Rin said, hiding her face from his waiting lips.

“Hmph. ¬†Silly girl” Sam grumbled as he got up and took a long drink. ¬†“You don’t know how good you are. ¬†You are literally the sweetest girl in the world.”

Rin replied by partially hiding her scruntched-up face from his sight.  Sam laid next to her and finally managed to snatch a kiss, before reaching over to turn out the light.

“This is the part of the day I’ve been looking forward to the most” Sam said, gathering her in his arms. ¬†Rin laid her head on his chest, feeling safe and peaceful in his embrace.

“Really?” she asked.

“Really. ¬†I know the last few weeks have been so long and stressful for you. ¬†I just want you to rest in my arms and forget about it all.”

“I don’t know if I can…” Rin replied wistfully.

“You can. ¬†Claim that busy mind of yours down and just think about us, here and now. ¬†You’re in my arms, and that’s where you belong. ¬†I love you, my beautiful Princess.”

“I love you too boyfriend” Rin said with a contented sigh,as she snuggled deeper into his chest.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

“Ugggggh, stopppppp” Rin whined, rolling her eyes dramatically. ¬†“Pay attention to me.”

Sam sat at his computer, typing away and occasionally looking down into the book he had open. ¬†“In a minute Princess, gotta finish getting this down first.”

“You’ve ignored me ALL DAY!” Rin growled, stomping her foot.

“Oh, don’t be dramatic. ¬†I’ve been ignoring you for about an hour” Sam said with a wry smile, not ¬†bothering to take his eyes from the open book.

“It feels like all day” Rin said huffily. ¬†“Please pay attention to me? ¬†Pleeeeease?” ¬†She reached over to pull on his arm, but Sam pulled it away.

“Soon baby!” he said gently, but with a hint of exasperation in his tone.

“Hmph.” Rin pouted, but in her Little tone. ¬†She crossed her arms and looked around for a moment as if she was unsure of what to do with herself. ¬†Then she sat down on the futon behind Sam, pouting silently.

Sam continued writing, having to focus hard to mentally digest what he was transcribing, when suddenly – his book slammed shut! ¬†‘Oh no, my page!!’ Sam thought to himself in a panic. ¬†He looked up to the source of the calamity, to see Rin looking down at him, giggling cutely.

“Catherine, you lost my page!!” Sam exclaimed.

“But I’m cuuuuuute” Rin replied, her eyes sparkling as she gave him her best toothy smile.

“But I was in the middle of writing something!” Sam grumbled.

“But I’m cuter than your stupid dead people. ¬†So you should pay attention to me.”

Sam paused for a moment, and Rin did her smile again. ¬†Then he looked up at her, a sudden gleam of interest alight in his eyes. ¬†“You’re right, I should pay attention to you.

Sam suddenly sat up, and snatched Rin by the wrist.

“Oh no! ¬†What are you doing?” Rin asked in her Littlest tone.

“I’m going to ‘pay attention’ to you” Sam said with a wicked grin, beginning to lead her towards the bedroom. ¬†Rin, suddenly aware of her fate, planted her heels in. ¬†“No no no, not that kind of attention!” she said, as if talking to a silly child.

“Princess, come on.” Sam growled, pulling on her captive arm again.

“Nooooo. ¬†I just want you to hold me.” Rin whined, unconsciously stamping her foot again.

“Alright, you asked for it” Sam said in a decisive tone of voice. ¬†He wrapped his arms around her waist and neatly scooped her up, picking her up off the floor and walking across the livingroom. ¬†His burden didn’t fight, apart from lightly kicked her feet, but she whined miserably. ¬†“You know I haaaaaaaaaate this” she wailed as he delivered her to the bedroom. ¬†He shut the door behind them, right in poor Valentine’s¬†face, and then deposited Rin back on her feet.

“Take off your pants, Princess” Sam ordered.

“Nooo. ¬†Listen, Valentine’s¬†sad” Rin whined, as a chorus of pitiable meows escaped from under the door.

“Then take off your pants so we can take care of this and go back outside” Sam said with a smile, sitting on the edge of his bed.

“What? ¬†Take off my pants? ¬†Why would I do that?”


“Boyfriend!” Rin whined in a needy tone of voice, wrapping her arms around his neck. ¬†Sam wrapped his own arms around her waist, holding her tight against him. ¬†“Don’t hit me. ¬†Love me!” Little Rin exclaimed as Sam held on to her.

“I’m not going to hit you, drama queen” Sam said with a smile.

“Yes you arrrrrrrrrrrre. ¬†I know you are. ¬†That’s why I have to take off my pants.”

“Yup, speaking of which…” Sam said, sneaking his thumbs under the waistband of her leggings and beginning to pull them off her butt.

“Noooo!” Rin exclaimed in an outraged and embarrassed tone, as if it were a stranger trying to pull them off. ¬†But Sam’s hold was firm, and so was the look in his eyes. ¬†“Hold still, right now.” he commanded.

Rin mentally reflected on her New Year’s vow to be more cooperative with Sam, and kicked herself for making it. ¬†But she submissively stood at attention, her arms still wrapped around her boyfriend’s neck, as he pulled her leggings down and beckoned her to step out of them.

Sam surveyed his now half-naked girlfriend Рshe was wearing those black panties he liked.  As much as he loved seeing her in thongs, sometimes he liked this kind as well, because he did love to have his imagination teased, and he loved caressing her bottom through them.

“Come over my lap, Princess.” ¬†Sam ordered gently.

“Mph.” Rin murmured unhappily, still holding onto him.

“Catherine, now.”

“Okay okay okay” Rin said, allowing herself to fall rather dramatically over his lap. ¬†She felt vulnerable and exposed, and yet also sensually safe as Sam cupped his hand around her cheek, and started softly rubbing her silky-smooth bottom.

“Do you like that?” Sam asked, pretty sure he had heard her murmur in pleasure.

“Mmhmmmm. ¬†Just keep doing that.” Rin said cutely, her voice muffled as she hid her face in a sea of hair.

“No such luck, cupcake” Sam said happily, as he began smacking her butt with the flat of his hand. ¬†From the very first blow, her beautiful, generous cheeks quivered underneath the panties, and Sam hardened at the sight. ¬†The smacks came evenly at a predictable rhythm that softly echoed off the ceiling and walls. ¬†Rin shifted her legs just a little, making herself more comfortable, though also making the lower portion of her butt a nicer target. ¬†Sam responded by smacking her sit-spots firmly several times.

“Tell me who you belong to.” Sam said, as the smacks continued to rain down at a slow, almost relaxing pace.

“Ummmmm. ¬†Me?” Rin chimed cutely. ¬†Sam responded by making the smacks harder and faster, and landing a couple on the backs of her sexy thighs.

“Okay okay! ¬†You!” ¬†The smacks continued to fall harder. ¬†“You…?” Sam asked.

“You sir.”

“Say it in a complete sentence.”

“Noooooo” Rin wailed, whining outloud as the smacks became firmer again.

“Now, Princess” Sam ordered, smacking her thighs again. ¬†The meaty cracking sound echoed across the room with volume that Rin found embarrassing.

“I belong to you sir” Rin said quickly in a child-like tone.

“Good girl” Sam said, feeling very satisfied and instantly happy, as he always did when she addressed him so submissively. ¬†The smacks instantly stopped, and again he soothingly stroked her bottom. ¬†After a moment, he gently pulled her panties off, and Rin cringed, preparing herself for the next level of her spanking. ¬†Instead, he only resumed caressing her, and teasingly running his fingers lightly between her cheeks.

Sam leaned forward to kiss her naked cheeks, then he asked her “so how do you like having my attention?”

“Ummm…I like this part” Little Rin answered, still keeping her face buried.

“I think you like the first part more than you’re admitting” Sam replied, briefly letting his fingers glide deeper between her legs. ¬†Rin squeaked just a little and shifted her position again. ¬†“Noooo” she said in a Little tone of denial.

“Stand up and give me a kiss” Sam ordered, momentarily taking his hand off her butt.

“Yes sir” Rin replied, standing up with her hair falling all around her face.

“Wow – I’ve got you better trained than I thought!” Sam exclaimed in surprise.

“Don’t get too used to it” Rin chimed happily as he enveloped her in his arms again. ¬†Sam laughed. ¬†“I love you Princess.”

Rin kissed his lips lightly. ¬†“I love you too.”

50 Shades of Disobedience

Rin examined herself closely in the mirror as she applied her make-up.  She always tried to look her best for her boyfriend, and yet she still had no idea just how beautiful she was in his eyes.

“Rin. . ?” Sam’s voice came from the hallway, as he walked towards their bedroom.

“Yes?” she replied, as she added the finishing touches to her makeup.

“Didn’t I tell you that I didn’t want you reading that 50 Shades of Gray crap?”

“Yes.” Rin answered in a sweet and innocent tone, checking her face over in the mirror to make sure everything looked just right. ¬†She seemed far more concerned about looking at her own eyes than in to Sam’s.

“Then how do you explain…this?” Sam asked sternly, lifting a copy of the book up. ¬†Rin turned and looked suddenly, and for an instant a look of shock crossed her face.

“Oh, ummmmm…I’ve never seen that book in my life” Rin replied in her little tone, giving her biggest, toothiest grin. ¬†She wasn’t sure just how serious Sam was about this 50 Shades ban, so she figured she better lay the cute on extra thick.

“Oh, okay.” Sam said, lowering the book. ¬†For half a second, Rin began to wonder if he was dumb enough to actually believe her. ¬†But then he opened the book, flipping about two thirds of the way through it, and picked something out of it. ¬†Rin cringed inwardly.

“I like your bookmark” Sam said with a sarcastic chuckle, holding up theater-ticket. ¬†“Who did you go to see it with? ¬†Let me guess ‚Äď Megan.”

“She made me go!” Rin interjected.

“Made you? ¬†How?”

“Ummmmmm…she just did” Little Rin replied with another charming little grin.

“Sit on the bed Catherine, now.” Sam commanded in a firm voice. ¬†Rin could hear a kind of quiet anger in his tone, and she knew he meant business.

“Yes sir” she said hoarsely, before sitting down. ¬†Sam sat next to her, but didn’t put his arm around her like he normally would have.

“You are in a lot of trouble young lady. ¬†I am very disappointed in you – I’m not sure if I’ve ever been this disappointed in you.”

“Okay, okay…” Rin cut him off, wishing the lecture would stop before it even began.

“Do not interrupt me! ¬†I told you I didn’t want you reading, let alone watching this crap. ¬†It is not appropriate for a young lady.”

“But everybody’s doing it…” Rin moaned dramatically, dragging out of the words.

“I don’t care about everybody, I care about you, and you disobeyed me. ¬†I explicitly told you multiple times that I did not want you to have anything to do with it, and you shamelessly went ahead and did it anyways. ¬†Not only that, you tried to keep it from me. ¬†You did it on a day that I was working the night shift, and you hid the book on my own shelf.”

Sam had to admit that he admired her choice of hiding place, hidden in plain side – it was a bold and yet also crafty move, and thus typical of his Princess. ¬†But it wouldn’t do for a judge to tell a convict that he respects his criminal style, so…

“You have to admit that was cute” Rin chimed in.

“No, its not cute. ¬†I did not want this stuff in this house, and you brought it in anyways. ¬†You’ve filled your mind with that garbage. ¬†Am I not enough to you or something? ¬†Am I so uninteresting that you feel the need to read somebody else’s sexual fantasies?”

Rin sighed. ¬†“No, that’s not it at all, I just…”

Sam cut her off. ¬†“if you really find it all so interesting, maybe I can indulge you.”

“What do you mean?” Rin asked innocently, but with genuine curiosity in her voice as she looked over at at him.

“Its time for you to go to school, angel.”

“Noooooo. ¬†Tell me what you meant!” Rin insisted.

“You’ll find out tonight. ¬†You have to go to school, and I have to go to the store.”

“Noooo, don’t dooooo this to me!” Rin wailed, and then looked up at him. ¬†“Go to the store for what?”

Sam only smiled. ¬†“Princess, trust me. ¬†Its time for you to go to school. ¬†Now give me a kiss.”

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Rin whined unhappily. ¬†Sam stood up and took her hand, and Rin stood up with him. ¬†Sam kissed her deeply, but she turned her face quickly.

“I love you very much, my beautiful Princess.” Sam said.

“No you don’t” Rin said sadly. ¬†“Why are you going to the stoooooooore?”

“You’ll find out Princess” Sam said with a strange smile, and despite her continued protests, soon they were both out the door.

All day long Rin was distracted.  She could tell by that gleam in his eyes that he was plotting some kind of punishment Рbut what?  It must be something new or special, and evidently something that required him to make a trip to the store.  All day long she fidgeted, and jumped to look at her phone every time she got a text.  But Sam only rarely texted her, and never said anything that gave away his thoughts.

Finally, around 4pm Rin got home, finding the front door already unlocked.  She walked in the kitchen and shed her bag of books and her coat, and the cares of law school with them.  Suddenly, something on the kitchen table caught her eye.

It was a wooden paddle.

“Oh, hi Princess” Sam said flippantly, entering the kitchen with a can of soda in his hands. ¬†“How was your day?”

“Where did that come from?” Rin asked, not making eye contact with him.

“Where did what come from?”

“That, on the table” Rin said, turning slightly red in the face as she motioned towards the paddle.

“Oh, that. ¬†Well we’re going to talk about that here in a moment, actually. ¬†Now tell me, how was your day?”

“…Princess?” he asked again, sounding as if he was oblivious to her sudden nervousness.

“It was good” Rin said softly, turning towards the refridgerator and getting a drink of water. ¬†As soon as she finished, Sam spoke up, extending his hand. ¬†“Come with me Princess.” ¬†When she didn’t instantly comply, Sam reached out and snatched her hand in his.

“Nooooo no no, I’ll throw the book away, promise!” Rin pleaded. ¬†She could tell by that look in his eye that it was too little, too late.

“Its already been thrown away. ¬†I’m not going to have that crap in MY house.” Sam said decisively. ¬†“And you’re about to find out what happens when you keep something from me.”

“Noooooo. ¬†Can’t we just use something else?” Rin wailed, but Sam was merciless. ¬†“Pick that paddle up and bring it with you” he commanded.

“What? ¬†Noooo!” Rin exclaimed with an embarrassed smile. ¬†Sam was clearly not in the mood to play around, jabbing his finger in the direction of the paddle forcefully.

“I said pick that up, NOW.”

“Yes sir” Rin said meekly, lamely stretching out her hand and grasping the handle to the paddle. ¬†As soon as Sam was sure she was holding it, he began briskly leading her out of the kitchen. ¬†Within the minute, they had walked up the stairs and were in their bedroom.

“Put the paddle down on the bed” Sam commanded, and Rin flopped it down unceremoniously. ¬†Then Sam undressed her, helping her out of her school-clothes until she was standing in front of him in her bra and panties. ¬†Rin crossed her arms as if she was cold.

“Go stand in the corner” Sam said curtly.

Rin, staring off into space, replied only by pulling on Sam’s shirt sleeve faintly.

“NOW” Sam ordered firmly, pointing to the corner.

“Okay, okay, okay” Rin said quietly, slowly turning around and making her way towards the corner.


“Yes sir”. ¬†Rin was soon standing in the corner, lamenting the fact that there were no blinds within reach. ¬†Sam laid down on the bed, alternating between leafing through a book, and keeping an eye on his delinquent Princess. ¬†He could tell she was biting at her fingers.

“Catherine. ¬†Arms at your sides!”

Rin looked up at the ceiling in a gesture of silent frustration, but she obeyed.  Moments passed, that felt like years.  Sam gave into the temptation to ogle her almost-naked body, her sexy back, and her plump cheeks only partially covered by the lacy fabric of her panties.

“Come stand in front of me.” Sam ordered. ¬†Rin responded slowly, fully aware that she was out of the proverbial frying pan only to be cast into the proverbial fire. ¬†Finally, she was standing in front of him, looking past him at the walls.

“Take your place over my lap” Sam said. ¬†Rin threw herself at him suddenly, enveloping his head in her arms. ¬†Sam felt her soft, sexy flesh against his face, and he instinctually lifted his hands, squeezing her bottom reassuringly. ¬†He pulled her down into his lap, and she instantly melted into his embrace, as naturally as if they had been custom-designed for each other.

“You’ve been a very bad girl” Sam said severely, rubbing her back. ¬†Rin murmured, her dismay only just barely audible.

“You must never hide anything from me. ¬†I’ve already explained to you multiples times why that movie and those books are not appropriate, and why I want you to have nothing to do with them. ¬†We shouldn’t have to be going over this again, and I certainly shouldn’t have to wonder what my girlfriend might be hiding from me. ¬†Are you hiding anything else from me?”

“No sir” Rin said, shaking her head, making her hair tickle his face.

“Not only have you simply disobeyed me, you’ve attempted to brazenly deceive me. ¬†I should be able to expect better than this from you. ¬†I’m going to have to handle it very severely.”

“Boyfriend?” ¬†Rin asked, still clinging to him tightly.


“I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry you got caught.”

“No, I’m really sorry, I promise. ¬†Please don’t use…that.”

“You know I forgive you Princess. ¬†Is that all you have to say?”

“Yes sir”

“Then take your place over my lap now.”

Rin sighed, as if she was psychologically fortifying herself for her swiftly-arriving spanking, but she obeyed without any words or sound effects of dismay.  After a few seconds of shifting on his lap, she was laying on her tummy, her beautiful flowing hair splayed out all over the bed, and her bottom making a deliciously tempting target.  Sam began caressing it, cupping his hand around its gentle curves.

“I love you Princess, and I’m doing this for your own good.”

“I love you too” Rin replied quietly. ¬†She sounded like she was lost in her own thoughts.

Sam smacked her bottom firmly with his flattened hand.  Then he lifted it in the air, and brought it down on her other cheek with a loud crack.  Then came another round of smacks, quickly followed by another.  Rin instantly felt ashamed of what she had kept from her boyfriend, and felt the blood rushing to her facial cheeks even as her butt-cheeks already began to softly glow under his hard smacks.  It was if every crack that echoed off the walls of their bedroom only proclaimed what she had done, leaving her just as vulnerable as she had been in the corner.

The smacks continued for a long time. ¬†It was a fast, hard, almost angry hand-spanking, though neither in his tone nor his force did Sam make her feel unloved or unsafe. ¬†She only felt exactly like what he said she was – an extremely bad girl, getting her just desserts. ¬†Still, she wasn’t used to warm-ups that were almost as painful as anything he had ever done with an implement. ¬†She found herself staring at the paddle, wondering if he had only bought it to make her squirm. ¬†The force with which the spanking continued, however, suggested that his intentions to paddle her were in earnest. ¬†Even as her butt worked on digesting its own problems, her tummy did backflips inside of her.

Sam watched as her cheeks turned a brighter and richer shade of pink, and as always, he couldn’t help but feel aroused and even amused at how her cheeks quivered, in such an honest and shameless response to his power. ¬†He felt like a lion, a king amongst beasts when he spanked her, but the primal celebration going on inside him today was tempered by more sobering thoughts. ¬†He hated having to punish her for something severe, and he dreaded the thought that she might feel frightened or unsafe at this moment. ¬†This was one of the most sacred rituals of their relationship, and he knew he had to approach it seriously, no matter how much it might hurt for her. ¬†He kept his mind focused on why this spanking was happening in the first place, and paid no heed to the several tiny moans of pain that unconsciously escaped from her lips.

After several more minutes, Sam’s hand, by this point tingling nearly as much as her well-spanked cheeks, finally stopped smacking and started caressing her. ¬†Her baby-smooth skin was already warm to the touch, but Sam knew this part was just getting started. ¬†Both of them were doing nothing but thinking about that paddle. ¬†Rin was dreading it, and Sam was viewing it with a fierce anticipation and a pensive reluctance at the same time.

Still, the time had come. ¬†“Stand up and bend over the bed” Sam commanded her.

“Umph”. ¬†Rin whined unhappily.

“I said bend over the bed” Sam ordered firmly. ¬†Rin sighed a little as she lifted herself off of him with her arms, her long hair tickling his right arm and leg. ¬†She walked to the foot of the bed, put her hands down on it, and bent over, sticking her bottom out. ¬†Sam got up and couldn’t help but smile as he saw what a tempting target it was.

Then he picked up the paddle, making sure she could see it. ¬†It was heavier than either of them would have expected, made of smooth, attractive wood. ¬†It just looked like it would be a murderous implement. ¬†Sam could subtly tell that she was nervous – and though he would never show it, he wasn’t feeling so confident himself – he couldn’t bear the thought of it hurting her more than necessary.

Sam came and stood behind her, and lifted the paddle to her bottom.  He caressed it softly with the paddle, letting her feel its coolness against her partially-uncovered butt.

“Tell me why this is happening”

“B-because I went to see a movie.”

“What movie?” Sam snapped quickly,

“50 Shades of Gray.”

“And what did I tell you about it?”

“That I wasn’t supposed to see it”

“You’re right. ¬†And what else did you do?”

Rin shifted on her leg just a little. ¬†“I was reading the book.”

“You’re right. ¬†This is happening because you disobeyed me, and then you tried to hide something from me. ¬†Now tell me you’r’e ready.”

“I-I’m ready sir” Rin said, her voice Little and meek.

Sam tightened his grip on the paddle’s handle. ¬†Rin braced herself as she waited for ages for the first smack. ¬†Sam drew his hand back just a few inches, and brought the paddle firmly against her bottom. ¬†It was long enough to sting both cheeks at the same time, and it made a different noise than any implement they had ever used before – a loud “clopf” noise echoed in the room, and perhaps even the entire house.

Rin audibly squeaked, and shifted her weight from one leg to the other several times in a row.  The noise scared her, and the pain was taking longer to process than usual.

Sam smacked her with the paddle again, this time with a little more force.  Rin made a pained noise that sounded like a mixture of a gasp and a moan.  Sam smacked her again.  This time he saw her entire body move forward from the impact, with her bottom shivering in pain.  It was already lividly pink, well on its way to red.

“Are you okay?” he asked, starting to caress her with the paddle again.

“Uh huh. ¬†Y-yes sir” Rin said, sounding tiny and submissive.

Sam brought the paddle down again, making her quiver. ¬†Rin involuntarily danced for him, shifting rapidly from one leg to the other. ¬†He didn’t let much time go by before he struck again, this time favoring the other cheek to make sure both got equal treatment.

“Owwhahowww!” Rin moaned, losing control of her ability to resist showing the pain. ¬†Sam was heartless, and smacked again. ¬†“Owwwwwww!” she whined, louder.

“Are you going to disobey me like that again?” Sam asked, smacking her yet again, the thump-like crack filling the room.

“N-n-no sir” Rin replied, her face hidden in a forest of hair as she bit her lip in pain.

Sam smacked again, and Rin squeaked loudly. ¬†“Are you going to hide anything from me again?”

“No sir!” Rin said, her tone louder but not disrespectful as she began to lose her struggle to stay controlled.

“You had better not” Sam said severely, reaching the paddle back again. ¬†Five more smacks passed before he set the paddle down. ¬†A couple of silent tears were streaming down her hot cheeks.

“Are you okay, my love?” Sam asked, softly caressing her butt as she continued to stand in position.

“MMmmmmmmmM!” Rin replied, somehow sounding needy, Little, submissive, and angry all at the same time. ¬†She wasn’t sure if she wanted his hand on her butt more than ever before, or if she never wanted him to see it again.

“That hurt!” she exclaimed, turning around to suddenly wrap her arms around him. ¬†She buried her face in his chest, obscuring it under her rich, silky hair. ¬†Sam caressed her upper back and squeezed her tight.

“I forgive you Princess, its all over now. ¬†You’re a good girl and I’m very proud of you.”

Sam reached in the drawer behind him and took out her favorite bottle of lotion. ¬†Then he sat down and silently took her over his lap again. ¬†He dabbed his left hand with the lotion, and very, very gently started applying it, with as much reverence as he’d use to touch a literal angel. ¬†Rin sighed unhappily, and yet also in a way that suggested the lotion was welcome.

“All better little girl?” Sam asked, after a few moments of lotioning each of her red cheeks.

“Yes boyfriend” Rin replied softly.

“Good. ¬†I love you my beautiful Princess.”

“I love you too sir.”

*The End*